Teaching a Toddler

Fairy Garden

Brielle and I celebrated Earth Day by making our very first Fairy Garden! She helped me pick out all the flowers and the fairy accessories and it was so much fun making something together! I actually don’t know which part she enjoyed more, throwing the dirt around (we both were covered in it by the time we were done) or nestling the tiny houses into the flowers. Either way, I think it’s safe to say we’re completely obsessed and we can’t wait to create an entire fairy village! We got all the fairy houses and accessories at Michaels.

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Teaching a Toddler:H

We’ve had a whirlwind month of October! We had our Vow-lloween Party (click here to view it!) then my husband and I went on a 2 week anniversary trip to Disney World…we have a sickness when it comes to Disney…and then it was the week of Halloween! Halloween and Christmas battle it out every year to determine who is my favorite holiday (I think this year Halloween took it) so we lived up every second that week. Our letter and color was obvious: H and Orange. We started the week by reading every Halloween/Pumpkin book we had.IMG_2635

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Teaching a Toddler: B

Last week’s theme was Bubbles, the letter was B and we didn’t have a color this week. For our theme activities she got her first bubble bath, which she loved! We blew bubbles and watched the Sesame Street episode on Bubbles. She also had a sensory bin of bubbles and her toys. She initially adored that but when she realized the bubbles were sticking to her toys she got a tad frustrated when she couldn’t pick off all the bubbles.

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