Vow-lloween Party: Ceremony

Our Vow-lloween party was a wonderful success! My husband and I celebrated 10 years of marriage this month. I wanted to have a vow renewal but I was torn because if we did we wouldn’t be able to have our Halloween party. Then I had the idea to combine them into one big party! It was a Corpse Bride theme and it was so much fun! We did an entire wedding, tongue in cheek style, since it worked so well with our theme. I’ll go into more details about the out door decor in this post, inside decor here and the games/cake cutting in this post. While our guests were waiting for the ceremony to begin they mingled and snacked on appetizers like stuffed mushrooms, mini meatballs and brushetta. We scheduled our ceremony to start right after the sun set so it was lit by candlelit. Here is our pre-ceremony & ceremony playlist.


We had one of my brothers be our officiant and he KILLED it! (Pun intended haha)


I wrote him a spooky speak to welcome our “dearly departed guests” and full of nods to Halloween like “true love being like a ghost, spoken of often yet rarely seen” Here is his speech in case it can help give any inspiration to those having a real Halloween wedding!

OfficiantWe had the Devil walk his Fallen Angel down the aisle. She did SO great flinging the silver rose petals down the aisle until she got distracted by all the ghastly creatures around her. Thankfully, the music led her into a mini dance party (instead of a mini meltdown) right there in the middle of the aisle. Everyone started laughing and then she hammed it up for everyone as she continued down the aisle


I walked down the aisle to Alyssa’s Promise from Silent Hill. Right before the ceremony started they turned on the fog machines. We had made 2 fog chillers so it’d keep the fog low and rolling along the ground. It lent such a great effect!


We read our vows that we’d written which I loved doing because we didn’t have the opportunity to do so with our wedding.


Our outfits: we bought the costumes from Amazon and customized them. Mine we removed some bows, added some more shredded material and had a black corset made to go over the dress.  Scott’s we got rid of the wig and hat as well as the shirt that went underneath the vest. We replaced it with a regular white button up so he could wear the black tie. I replaced the buttons on his vest with ornate silver ones that looked much better than the plastic ones. To top it off we added a black cummerbund around his waist so that our black accents balanced each other.


Brielle’s outfit (dress and wings) were from Etsy. Her headband (not shown in these since she ripped it off the second she finished walking down the aisle) came from a local craft shop


The spider birdcage veil was from a local craft store that I trimmed to the size I wanted. Fun fact: those earrings are from our wedding!


Our flowers were kept to a dark palette with just a few touches of bright green to break it up. The florist did this cool technique making spiderwebs to go over the bouquet out of hot glue. We also added eyeballs to the center of the calla lilies.


We asked everyone to come in costume and like champs they all delivered fabulous comstumes. All our dearly departed guests!


We decided to get new rings to commemorate the event. Our originals are on the left and our new ones are on the right. I love them!


It was an evening drowning in love and I can’t think of anything I’d have changed!


All photos: LookieLoo Photography


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