June 2015

Sickly Thanks

We’ve had quite a few sickly ones to visit recently! My brother had surgery, then 2 days after that my dad had surgery and then one week after that our niece had surgery! Since cookies always make me feel better I was hoping they’d help them while healing. So I grabbed their favorite cookies and made these cards to go along with them. I added a bow to my niece’s tough cookie. Hopefully, we’re done with hospitals for a good amount of time but just in case…send healing thoughts our way! 😉

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Father’s Day Gift

I’ve been wanting to let Brielle paint for a bit and letting her do it for her Father’s Day gift seemed perfect! I got a big mat that goes in a frame and had her “paint” it. 😉 I had to make sure it was edible but most of the recipes I found were yogurt based which did not dry very well or used jell-o mix which stained her…hello my tiny Smurfette! I finally ended up using cornstarch, water and food coloring (see recipe below). The paint didn’t dry as vibrant as I was hoping but it dried well, didn’t stain her skin and WAS edible as you can see. She loved having little samples of it while she worked and just couldn’t understand why I kept politely declining when she tried offering some to me. It was a ton of fun, she had a blast making a mess and my husband loved that he got something she made for him!

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“One”der the Sea Party Decor

 We had our “One”der the Sea party and it went swimmingly…sorry, I had to. 😉 I’m breaking this party into 3 posts so it’ll be easier to look through and you won’t be assaulted by 60 pictures in one post! This was the food table. I got the water backdrop and the custom birthday banner from Shindigz, the fish cutouts, all tablecloths and food trays from Zurchers

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“One”der the Sea Party Activities

We had originally planned on having lots of water games but the weather got the best of us so we quickly created some inside activities. The first one was this bean bag toss game. My husband made it. He used THIS tutorial, had our friend sketch out the drawing, and then my husband painted it. For a fun touch he cut out shark teeth from felt and hot glued them on the board. My mom and I made the fish bean bags. Click HERE for the post and tutorial on those!

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