“One”der the Sea Party Decor

 We had our “One”der the Sea party and it went swimmingly…sorry, I had to. 😉 I’m breaking this party into 3 posts so it’ll be easier to look through and you won’t be assaulted by 60 pictures in one post! This was the food table. I got the water backdrop and the custom birthday banner from Shindigz, the fish cutouts, all tablecloths and food trays from Zurchers

I also got the plates, napkins and all the balloons at Zurchers. I was able to fill up 28 balloons plus two of the 1 balloons and two flying fish (more on those in the activity post!) for about 20.00 at Wal-mart.


The adult tables had centerpieces of flowers with mermaid tails sticking out of them. I got the idea from HERE and made the tails with their printable. I wanted to make them double sided so I did need to invert the image in Photoshop. They were so simple to make. I just cut them out, put green glitter on it for a bit of sparkle and assembled it. I had left over wooden skewers from BBQs and taped it to one side and then used rubber cement to glue the other side to the skewer and other tail.


I used Swedish fish and gummy sharks in heavy plastic fish bowls (also from Zurchers) for the kid table centerpieces. Although, them being on the kid’s table didn’t stop all the adults from sneaking handfuls of them throughout the party! 😉


My Jellyfish! I’m so happy with how they turned out…totally worth burning the skin off my finger! In hindsight, I’d probably attach them in a triangle on top so they’d hang a bit straighter and fully open up. Check out how I made them HERE


Can you tell I LOVE balloons, the 1 was just such a fun accent!


I made a small station to house her book with her birth photos and also the matching book I made for all her pictures that she had taken at her One Year photoshoot. It’s so crazy seeing the two books side by side, it really shows how much she’s grown! Both books I made through Blurb. I also made this sign that shows her current favorite things and stats. I frond the free template HERE (since my handwriting isn’t NEARLY as cute!) and customized it in Photoshop

DSC_7588My Little Birthday Mermaid in her finest. I found this darling swimsuit (it’s from the love u lots brand) that reminded me of a mermaid months ago and my mom made the sparkly skirt to go with it


I made her shell tiara and was so glad it didn’t come apart. I hot glued shells onto a left New Year’s Eve headband. The stars gave it the perfect structure. I’m also SO thrilled (but super surprised) that she left it on for most of the party.


This was the favor station. I made all the printables myself, I bought the clipart from Etsy but I saw lots of free ones online. The favor boxes came from Shindigz and the sea plant came from Petsmart. Thinking outside the box! 😀


These are the favors we gave out. They all came from Oriental Trading.


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