Jellyfish Tutorial

I remember seeing these cute jellyfish on Pinterest but their tutorial was so much work. You had to take a plastic tablecloth, cut it into strings and then pull in certain ways to create ruffles and then you had to sew streamers together. So cute but so much work. This is a much quicker way. I got 6 medium sized paper lanterns and cut just the bottom off so it created a half dome. Then instead of doing the plastic tablecloth I found these plastic leis.

I hot glued one lei around the bottom of where I cut the lantern. It disguised the inside and it added some neat texture.


With the leftover piece of the lei unravel it. It’ll start doing it on it’s own once you cut it. Pull it really softly to keep that kinked shape. Then you cut 5-6 strips in various lengths. You’re going to use those as tentacles. I started by putting hot glue directly on each strip and then adhering it the inside of the lantern but I quickly realized it was a terrible idea! The glue melts and shrinks the plastic, leaving me with a heaping molten lava glue spot on the tip of my finger. After my crying was over and my finger wrapped in a cold washcloth I found it was much safer to attach the glue to the inside of the paper lantern and such a Popsicle stick to push the plastic strip into the glue.


The final product! I used a string to attach around each side of the skeleton of the lantern and it worked well at keeping them open. I got all products at Zurchers and I was able to create 4 of them in an hour. Minus 30 minutes to tend to a very painful finger! 😉



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