March 2017

Non Candy Children’s Easter Basket

If your child is anything like mine they eat SO much sugar! I’ve noticed my 2.5 yr old has a lot more tantrums when she’s had a lot of sugar so we’ve been cutting down her intake of it quite drastically, if only to save our sanity! So this year to go along with our low sugar agenda we’re doing an Easter basket for her without any candy. I still want it to be enjoyable for her so I tried finding things that are new to her. Here’s a look into what we’re putting in her basket!

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Dr Seuss’s Horton Party

A tiny bit late getting this up but Dr Seuss’s birthday is one of my favorite days! I love all his books so much. As a baby shower gift my mom got me almost the entire collect as board books so they’ve been read often with my 2.5. I was trying to decide which book to base this year’s little birthday celebration when I saw the Horton Hears a Who movie on TV. My daughter LOVED it, we watched it twice…in a row…so I knew that our theme had been found.

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