Back to School Breakfast

I wanted to start a new tradition since Brielle started Preschool this year but also because it works for my mom too since she’s the Head Secretary at her school. Plus, this year had something extra special…my sweet sister in law, Abbey, graduated and started her very first year teaching elementary school!! It was so fun to have my parents and my brother, Alex, and Abbey over for breakfast. It’s not very often we have such a little group so it was nice to have some quality time visiting and hearing about the changes Abbey had been doing to her classroom. I set up just a tablescape for this event and everything came from the Target Dollar Spot or were things I already had. Admission: I fully teased Scott when he bought this abacus years ago, like when would it EVER be used?! Now, I’m pretty stoked he got it since it gave me my color scheme.

I alternated place settings so half were green and red with the black anchoring them

And the other half were black and yellow with the red and greens just making small appearances

I found these super cute apple clothing pins and attached them to each glass as well as adding a lime green straw

Oh Target Dollar Spot…you have my heart and always such darling things like this little school house

And this lime green chalkboard. I made the little paper garland and then used a chalk marker to write my message. Speaking of chalkboards…I found an amazing tip that I’ve got to share! After I took this photo I was so bugged that you could still see the ghost outline of the previous attempt so I scoured the internet. I found a teacher forum and one teacher said she washes her blackboard down with vinegar and uses a Magic Eraser to wipe it all off before drying it with a dishtowel. And holy cow…it totally works! Hail all those clever teachers and their life hacks

Lastly, I had this old frame that I painted red and then glued Brielle’s old number magnets on to the backdrop. I’m so excited to start a new tradition and I’m so happy for Abbey. Her kids are going to such lucky ones to have her as a teacher!


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