October 2014

Halloween Party 2014

We had our annual Halloween party last night! It was a lot more low key than usual, I didn’t even send out actual invites this year…only texts! Gasp, the horror! I’m still surprised at the things that have become harder now that I have someone else to add into the equation but it turned out spooktacular! We went as Raggedy Ann & Andy plus our cute kitty cat! The 9 hours I spent making those wigs, pulling every single thread through the beanies, were totally worth it because they really made the costumes!

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Rag Doll

I’m making a Raggedy Ann hairpiece for my Halloween costume. Here is your tutorial. Buy a red beanie and get 2 skeins of red yarn. Poke one thread through the beanie at a time and make a knot on the inside. Repeat one billion times. Rest your cramping hands. Pick up beanie from across the room after you’ve thrown it in a fit of irritation. Resume poking one thread through beanie and making a knot on the inside. This hairpiece is going to be the death of me!