Halloween Party 2014

We had our annual Halloween party last night! It was a lot more low key than usual, I didn’t even send out actual invites this year…only texts! Gasp, the horror! I’m still surprised at the things that have become harder now that I have someone else to add into the equation but it turned out spooktacular! We went as Raggedy Ann & Andy plus our cute kitty cat! The 9 hours I spent making those wigs, pulling every single thread through the beanies, were totally worth it because they really made the costumes!


Here are the ghoulishly good food and decorations we had at the party!



IMG_2033  IMG_2034 IMG_2035 IMG_2036 IMG_2037 IMG_2038Ok, I might as well put this down even though it makes me so embarrassed. When Scott went to get the pizzas I told him we were having 42 people coming to the party. So he got 5 pizzas. All the girls brought a dessert and I told them 42 people. Halfway through the party I couldn’t figure out why we had so much extra food. Until I counted everyone there. 2 people weren’t able to come, Lance & Alex decided to not bring dates but that was only 4 people missing. Then the light bulb went off. I’ve been planning Brielle’s birthday party as well and we’re inviting 42 people to HER party! 42 people vs 18 people..eh, same thing right? Ugh, mom brain 😉



I wanted to do a new game this year and pitched Halloween Jeopardy to Scott. I came up with the questions and my genius husband programmed it! Each couple pick a person from their team to start. After 5 questions had been answered they switched. Just like regular jeopardy they picked a category and value, waited until Scott asked the question and then the first one to ring in got the chance to give the correct answer. Even though I may have made the questions a bit too difficult it was a howling good time and everyone got into it!

IMG_1999While the adults played their game the kids decorated Halloween cookies. We told them we’d be awarding prizes to the best ones so they all worked hard. IMG_2017

They all did such a good job we couldn’t pick just one and gave them all good bags. These were for the boysIMG_6506

And for the girls

IMG_6505We ended the night with voting for the best adult Halloween costumes. This was first, second and third place prizes.

IMG_6507I’m so batty for this Holiday and I adore seeing everyone’s costumes. This is one of my favorite events and I look forward to every year! So from us to you…. IMG_2043


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