December 2015

Neighbor Gifts & Freebie

The cashier asked if I was a germaphobe when I checked out at the store with my haul of dish soaps and dish towels. Haha, no they’re all for  the gift we’re giving out to our neighbors this year. If you’re looking for last minute gift ideas this one ticks off all the boxes. I got the taller bottles of dish soap because I liked how it gave more support to the card but the shorter bottles do work.

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Christmas Home Tour

I love when people do decor tour of their homes, especially during Christmas. It’s so cool seeing how different they all are and I’m always getting ideas for my own home. I thought it’d be fun to do one of my own home! These are the centerpieces for our dining table. Candlelight in the colder months makes everything more cozy. This is also our first living wreath. Besides having to spray it every day it’s kinda making me want to venture into a real tree! The smell is amazing! If you have a real tree…do the needles get everywhere in your carpet?

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