Christmas Home Tour

I love when people do decor tour of their homes, especially during Christmas. It’s so cool seeing how different they all are and I’m always getting ideas for my own home. I thought it’d be fun to do one of my own home! These are the centerpieces for our dining table. Candlelight in the colder months makes everything more cozy. This is also our first living wreath. Besides having to spray it every day it’s kinda making me want to venture into a real tree! The smell is amazing! If you have a real tree…do the needles get everywhere in your carpet?



RIP my poinsettia plant. Later, my daughter had toddler anger (don’t take away those marshmallows!) and pushed it off the table and then kicked it into oblivion.


When we build our house we had Christmas outlets run. So I have several outlets throughout our home that are on their own switch. Like our banister, it makes flipping on all our Christmas lights so simple.



We normally have 3 trees with their own themes but it’s taken a surprising amount of work keeping Brielle out of this one so we kept the other 2 in storage this year. Fingers crossed for next year!


This is our main tree and my favorite one. Every single ornament means something to us. I have a few from when I picked out my very first ornaments for my bedroom tree growing up. Christmas runs heavily in my blood 😉 We have ones from our vacations and ones from our first Christmas together.


We also have ones that pinpoint something special that happened that year like our 10 yr anniversary Disney ornament or the one we got to commemorate Brielle’s first Christmas. I Love everything on this tree!





This is my current favorite decoration. I think it’s the coolest thing! We found it at a local craft store but you can find it here as well. I thought the Myrrh and Frankincense would smell badly but it reminds me of outside, like in a forest. It’s a very clean smell. Mostly, I like that it’s one of the few decorations I have that focuses on the real reason we celebrate Christmas! I can’t wait to use them to tell Brielle the story of Christ’s birth and teach her about the other kind of gifts that can be given.


I hope you enjoyed seeing my Christmas tour! If you have any tours of your house please leave a link in the comments, I’d love to check them out!


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