Haunted Hospital Birthday

It was my sister in law’s 40th birthday a few days ago so her husband and I cooked up a spooky surprise party to celebrate! Jenn is my sister in all things scary, we’ve even gone ghost hunting a few times together! I’ll save those stories for another day because one of them still scares me to death…6 years later! Maybe for Halloween! 😉 Anyways, she works at our local hospital and with her birthday in October it just made perfect sense to do a Haunted Hospital theme. I kept it pretty low key though since there were a lot of little kids in attendance and I didn’t want to scar them. Check out the details below, warning…it’s full of gross out medical humor, one of her favorite things so they HAD to be included!

I created these for the invitations I sent out to everyone. Fenjer is her nickname

After we all yelled surprise all the guests were brought into the venue, I picked the most plain and sterile looking place I could find. It was basically white walls and cement flooring. Perfect for a condemned hospital.In the waiting room (we rigged up white shower curtains all around to create a separate space to wait)they were greeted by our nurse. Poor thing, you can tell they’ve been working her to the bone with those crazy nursing hours!

As they waited we called back groups of 6 to admit them. I made up hospital badges for everyone. Me, Scott and my BIL were the hospital staff. The rest were patients. I gave every single patient an obscure disease or disorder as well as a badge saying they were quarantined to the BDAY40 ward. Everyone’s ID’s were their birthdays. Everyone had such a blast looking up their bizarre disease and comparing them to each other.

After the patients were admitted they were able to wander the BDAY40 Ward. I’m sure a few even snuck into the Dr’s office, full of macabre things

Let’s hope all nurses outside of this hospital don’t need this reminder

The dessert table


Centerpieces (all the pills are just empty capsules I purchased from a medical company, as well as the other medical supplies)

This was how they chose their meal. I had 3 crockpots of chili that I’d made earlier that day, varying in level of spice, and these were the available toppings.

After hospital staff gathered all their menus we dished them up (on black Styrofoam lunch trays…totally added to the plainness!) and we called up the patients by table number so they could come get their lunch tray

Perhaps my favorite detail. I poured honey into empty syringes and it was fabulous. Everyone had a ton of fun using them, they eliminated knives, and they kept the sticky mess completely away!

Thankfully, no bodies were found on this day

This was the favor station. I filled up these empty pill containers with Mike & Ikes for pills and made up a prescription for them

I used as many inside jokes as I possibly could throughout the party and most would only be caught by family but one that I loved was her dad used to call her Jenny Anydots from Cats and she hates it! Haha, so of course I had to make that the pharmacy 😉

It was SUCH a fun party to throw. I probably wouldn’t have done one like this if it were my own so I had to really stretch my creativity to come up with things that fit HER and I hope it showed her how much she’s loved! It definitely got me into the Halloween spirit a tad early though and that’s always welcomed in my book! Hello my favorite month of the year!



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