July 2017

‘Murica Trash Bash

Ahhh time for one of my favorite parties of the year…our annual ‘Murica Trash Bash!!  This is our 2nd year doing this particular theme and it’s just as funny as last year. There are so many funny stereotypes about Americans so it’s fun to utilize some of them! The hardest part of doing a trash bash is restraint! You want it to look slightly tacky but it’s gotta look believable too đŸ˜‰ We always have it as a potluck because it’s one of the few times it totally doesn’t bother me having all different sizes and colors of tupperware bowls! Plus, people like to feel involved and this is an easy way to do that AND help me out! We provided hot dogs, buns, drinks and condiments. Everything was assigned. It.was.glorious! Know what else it? That this entire party, tables and chair set up included, takes about 30 minutes!!! God Bless America!

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