Non Candy Children’s Easter Basket

If your child is anything like mine they eat SO much sugar! I’ve noticed my 2.5 yr old has a lot more tantrums when she’s had a lot of sugar so we’ve been cutting down her intake of it quite drastically, if only to save our sanity! So this year to go along with our low sugar agenda we’re doing an Easter basket for her without any candy. I still want it to be enjoyable for her so I tried finding things that are new to her. Here’s a look into what we’re putting in her basket!

I’ve had this goose for years, hoping to have a little girl I could give it to and I think it’ll be a huge hit with Brielle!

We have her other book, Dream Animals, and it is so beautiful that it’s a favorite for both of us to read at bedtime. The illustrations in Day Dreamers is no different, soft and whimsical. Through this link it’s currently on sale too! Day Dreamers Book

Play Doh isn’t new to her but the eggs are and I’d rather them filled with Play-Doh than candy! Plus, I love the bright spring colors of these. Also on sale through this link. Spring Play Doh Eggs

This chicky of mine LOVES water so bathtime is a 40 minute event and these colored Bath Dropz will probably turn it into an hour. Also major sale through this Bath Dropz

Brielle is OBSESSED with Moana. We watch it every day, listen to it every car ride and she carts her invisible Maui and Moana around constantly. We’re throwing a Moana themed birthday party for her in 2 months so these are a two bird one stone kind of thing! She’ll be so excited to have actual characters to play with and I’ll be able to use them as decoration for her party. You can buy them from Wal-Mart but they come in blind boxes so you don’t know what you’ll get but I wanted to get exactly these so I purchased them through these links Funko Mini Moana and Funko Mini Maui. You can sometimes find good deals on them through Ebay.

I think both of us are excited for some sunny weather to get out and use these! We have a big wooden deck off our kitchen and since these are washable I’m going to let her draw on the wood. Add a bit of personality to it! I got them here Crayola Chalk

I hope these can give a few more non-candy ideas for your children’s Easter Basket. Although…if I’m being honest, I’m sure *some* candy will end up in there! 😉


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