Dr Seuss’s Horton Party

A tiny bit late getting this up but Dr Seuss’s birthday is one of my favorite days! I love all his books so much. As a baby shower gift my mom got me almost the entire collect as board books so they’ve been read often with my 2.5. I was trying to decide which book to base this year’s little birthday celebration when I saw the Horton Hears a Who movie on TV. My daughter LOVED it, we watched it twice…in a row…so I knew that our theme had been found.

I knew we had to have clovers so I ordered cotton candy from Amazon and had some of these paper straws that worked perfectly for the stems. Then I covered dry floral blocks with some fake grass and stuck the straws in!

We each picked a treat we wanted for the party. My husband loves Rice Krispies and I’ve been craving the almond flavored ones so it was a win-win

Had to have a Horton stand in, clover and all

Getting this cotton candy to stick was such a beast! In the end what worked best for me was the tiniest bit of syrup to seal the edges together but not dissolve. I’d bet fresh cotton candy would work a million times better, I could only find the packaged kind that was firmly packed together.

I’ll take any reason to eat circus peanuts and they happened to fit the theme perfectly! I found the assorted flavors on Amazon as well. The pink ones are so good!

For the backdrop, I found a very high resolution picture online and had Staples print it off on engineer paper. It was only $8.00 for 40×30! Compared to FedEx, who was going to charge me $70! Staples did a great job and I thought it added just that an extra touch. I think it’s so cute I don’t want to throw it away so it’ll join the rest of the party supplies until I can find another use for it!

Brielle’s choice of treats were marshmallows. She loved helping sprinkle the toppings on the melted chocolate as it was cooling

And at the very end, you can’t ignore the speck and all the tiny Whos yelling “We Are Here”! Making little things seem more special is one of my favorite things to do. My hope is that Brielle has many good childhood memories, especially when she looks back and remembers celebrating Dr Seuss’s birthday! 


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