“One”der the Sea Party Activities

We had originally planned on having lots of water games but the weather got the best of us so we quickly created some inside activities. The first one was this bean bag toss game. My husband made it. He used THIS tutorial, had our friend sketch out the drawing, and then my husband painted it. For a fun touch he cut out shark teeth from felt and hot glued them on the board. My mom and I made the fish bean bags. Click HERE for the post and tutorial on those!

DSC_7593 DSC_7592

We also purchased a few of these fish. They’re called Air Swimmer. They’re remote controlled balloons that really do look like they’re swimming! They were huge hits with adults and kids alike. We purchased them on Amazon. They also have sharks as well.

IMG_8777 IMG_8686

Thankfully, the weather cleared up just enough to use the water slide for a while. The kids adored it and the adults had a fun time watching the races between the kids. We purchased this one of Amazon as well.


The only one who hated the water slide was the birthday girl! I guess her darling swimsuit will have to wait to be broken in.


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