“One”der the Sea Party Food

Since we had the party at 2 I decided to forgo a whole lunch and just did a dessert buffet. I made the food signs from a printable I purchased on Etsy and made the crab toppers. HERE’S the post on those


We made rice krispies in cookie sheets so they were on the thinner side and just use a starfish cookie cutter to cut out these. Easy, easy!


I wish I could claim these as my handwork but all I did was supply the cookie cutters and the design. I had my local bakery make these.


Word to the wise, to make these Sand Dollar cookies you have to cook the almonds into the dough. So cut out your cookie shapes, brush it with egg whites and sprinkle the sugar and cinnamon on them. Then press your almond slices into the dough and bake. They won’t adhere if your snickerdoodles are rolled or after they’re baked.


These are Nilla wafers with pink frosting and a white sixlet in the center. All were found at Wal-Mart.


We washed it all down with Mermaid potion! We also had Ocean Water and Brielle’s Bubbles as our icy beverages


And my favorite part of the food was her cake! Cakes by Jess made it and she did a phenomenal job on it! The cake topper I ordered off Etsy. The cake was a sweet ending to the day!


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