Vow-lloween Party: Outdoor Decor

This was the decor for the ceremony. We made 90% of the decorations outside and indoors. We made 4 8ft tall trees and 4 5ft trees. We bought cement tubing from a local construction company, carved the faces and tops and spray painted the insides black. Then we wrapped them in heavy brown butcher paper. Then we attached them to circular bases to keep them stable and attached the branch arms. Then we decorated them with cobwebs and ravens.

Another view of the trees




Our dog, Ajax, and cat, Zoe’s proxies


As well as our Beagle, Ernie who we lost lost year.


We also made the mini trees. I got them for 3.00 a piece years ago, I don’t even know what they originally were meant for, and have been holding on to them knowing that I could make something creepy with them. We filled terracotta pots with dirt and rocks to give it a sturdy base and then filled it with expandable foam to anchor the trees. Top them with moss and cobwebs and you’re good to go!

1We made 2 fog chillers that connected to regular fog machines, we purchased these. We took plastic garbage cans and cut 2 holes in the bottom (on opposing sides) that were large enough for dryer tubing to fit through. Then coil the dryer tubing up inside and fill the can with ice. We found a combination of regular ice and dry ice gave the best results. The idea is to bring the fog down to such a low temperature that it’ll stay low lying. We connected small cardboard boxes to one end of the tubing and cut a thin rectangle so it’d funnel the fog out in a condensed form and roll along the ground. We used Froggy’s Swamp Juice and it was incredible. The fog was thick and hung around for a long time.


We also made the leaf garlands that bordered the aisle…kinda. I got some really cheap on clearance, they were hideous but it didn’t matter because I spray painted them black! I got the shepherd hooks, hurricane lanterns and candles from Save-on-Crafts


The first of our dearly departed guests. They’re 5 feet tall, fully posable and made from a heavy plastic. We purchased them from Shopko. Costumes from Amazon.



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