Teaching a Toddler:H

We’ve had a whirlwind month of October! We had our Vow-lloween Party (click here to view it!) then my husband and I went on a 2 week anniversary trip to Disney World…we have a sickness when it comes to Disney…and then it was the week of Halloween! Halloween and Christmas battle it out every year to determine who is my favorite holiday (I think this year Halloween took it) so we lived up every second that week. Our letter and color was obvious: H and Orange. We started the week by reading every Halloween/Pumpkin book we had.IMG_2635

I found this darling Halloween plate at Shopko and we had an orange themed lunch. No picture because she was screaming to fed and we all know a hangry toddler will not be kept waiting just to take a picture! She had sweet potatoes, peaches, spaghetti squash, pumpkin bread and a pumpkin shaped sugar cookie.


We went to our local Pumpkin Walk. Every year people create scenes made from pumpkins. This year the theme was “Now That’s Funny”. Brielle loved all the scenes and squealed with excitement every time we came up to a new display.


We participated in the Zombie Walk in our city. It’s a fundraiser for our local food pantry. We talked Brielle to cock her head and growl while waving her arms in front of her when you asked her “What does the Zombie say” So hysterical!


We ran into Lowe’s and when we came out she was overjoyed at all the pumpkins out front. We couldn’t find a pumpkin patch nearby so this had to do!


We took full advantage of the day before Halloween and dressed up to go out to lunch with Daddy.


We set up out front yard for Trick or Treaters, she loved the fog machines but the trees scared her!


We took her trick or treating to her Grandmas’ houses. We had a slight disagreement over her hat. It was freezing so I insisted that she wear it and as you can clearly see by evidenced of her face how she felt about that. 😉


We were so sad to say Goodbye to October, it was a great month for us!



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