Teaching a Toddler: B

Last week’s theme was Bubbles, the letter was B and we didn’t have a color this week. For our theme activities she got her first bubble bath, which she loved! We blew bubbles and watched the Sesame Street episode on Bubbles. She also had a sensory bin of bubbles and her toys. She initially adored that but when she realized the bubbles were sticking to her toys she got a tad frustrated when she couldn’t pick off all the bubbles.

I also got some bubble wrap for her to walk on and pop. She was too light to make them pop but showing her how to pop them by squeezing them worked instead.


We had lots of B activities. She made a birthday card for her Grandpa, played with her favorite purple ball, we read Sophie’s Birthday, she got a new book, Dream Animals (it has beautiful drawings!) and we visited the birds at Petsmart.


For her lunch she got toast with blackberry jam, blueberries, bananas, black forest ham, blueberry/apple pouch and milk in a blue cup


I didn’t pre-plan this but it worked out perfectly for our B week. She got to go on her first bike right with her little friend!



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