Teaching a Toddler

Teaching a Toddler: L

This week’s theme was leaves and the letter was L. I’ve been sick for most of last week so we participated in one of my favorite L activities…laying around and loving some Sesame Street. We were able to go on a nature walk before I got sick though. The leaves in our canyons are just starting to turn so it was perfect to teach her about leaves while they’re still green but we found a few that were yellow and red. I have a fall lesson coming up soon that I’m really excited about and I know she’ll love seeing all the yellow, orange and red leaves when we go on another nature walk.IMG_1575

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Teaching a Toddler: G

This week was easy to pick the theme and letter. Since it was Grandparent Day yesterday we had our theme be Grandparents, our letter was G and the color was green. For our G activities we played Hid & Seek with her giraffe. I hid her musical giraffe and turned on it’s music. Then she went searching for it. She found it pretty dang quickly so we played it several times and she stayed invested in the game the whole time. WIN! We read Go Dog Go and also played outside on the grass, which led us to our color activities.
hidden giraffe

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Teaching a Toddler: A

I have a 15 month old and our day to day schedule has gotten stale to say the least! While browsing Pinterest (the saving grace of how many moms?!) I found a lot of preschool ideas and decided we’d start doing our own Pre-Preschool! Every week we’ll learn about a theme, letter, color and 3 words. Every day we do an activity focusing on one of those. She’s a huge animal lover so I thought it was only fitting that our first theme was animals. For our animal activities we read her animal books, put together her animal puzzle, brushed our cat and watched her favorite Sesame Street episode, the pet episode!
a week

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