Teaching a Toddler: L

This week’s theme was leaves and the letter was L. I’ve been sick for most of last week so we participated in one of my favorite L activities…laying around and loving some Sesame Street. We were able to go on a nature walk before I got sick though. The leaves in our canyons are just starting to turn so it was perfect to teach her about leaves while they’re still green but we found a few that were yellow and red. I have a fall lesson coming up soon that I’m really excited about and I know she’ll love seeing all the yellow, orange and red leaves when we go on another nature walk.IMG_1575


We had one more activity before we lazed about for the week. Catch the “Lion”. Brielle thought it was a riot. The cat…not so much


Activities we meant to do:

Print out a picture of a bare tree and have her stick leaves to it. (I’ll do this for the fall lesson though since I loved the idea and she loves sticky tape)

Using leaf cookie cutter for pancakes, sandwich and jello

L food: Lime, Lemon muffin, lasagna, lemon pepper tuna

Go to the Library

Go on a Lunch date with daddy

Better luck next week huh?!


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