Teaching a Toddler: A

I have a 15 month old and our day to day schedule has gotten stale to say the least! While browsing Pinterest (the saving grace of how many moms?!) I found a lot of preschool ideas and decided we’d start doing our own Pre-Preschool! Every week we’ll learn about a theme, letter, color and 3 words. Every day we do an activity focusing on one of those. She’s a huge animal lover so I thought it was only fitting that our first theme was animals. For our animal activities we read her animal books, put together her animal puzzle, brushed our cat and watched her favorite Sesame Street episode, the pet episode!
a week

Our color was red. I made her a sensory bag. I put in a small feather boa, pipe cleaners, pom poms, bells, tissue paper, a few red paint chips, and play doh. I had most of those around the house and the rest I got at Hobby Lobby, perfect time to get the red Christmas item sales! She loved the bells and pom poms but hated the feathers!


It was the first time I’ve let her use play doh and she sat and sniffed it for ages. She’d take a big whiff and scrunch up her nose like she was disgusted. Disgusted or not that didn’t stop her from taking a big chomp out of it and promptly spitting it out. Haha, I guess she’s not old enough for it quite yet!


Our last color activity was her red lunch! Sometimes I get in a serious rut on what I feed her. She’s getting more and more picky with her food so this was fun to brainstorm some red foods (harder than I thought it’d be though!) and introduce some new foods to her. She had strawberries, watermelon, spaghetti, red peppers, strawberry yogurt dots and red jello.  She always loves fruit and spaghetti but I didn’t think she’d eat the pepper or the jello. She ate a little bit of everything though!

IMG_1161For our A activities we meant to Facetime with her Uncle Andy but his schedule was crazy.  We made Almond Poppyseed muffins. We played hide and seek with Ajax (our dog) and we welcomed Autumn with my husband’s family up in the mountains! It was really nice including something new in our schedule and I’m actually really excited to do a fun theme every week!


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