Teaching a Toddler: G

This week was easy to pick the theme and letter. Since it was Grandparent Day yesterday we had our theme be Grandparents, our letter was G and the color was green. For our G activities we played Hid & Seek with her giraffe. I hid her musical giraffe and turned on it’s music. Then she went searching for it. She found it pretty dang quickly so we played it several times and she stayed invested in the game the whole time. WIN! We read Go Dog Go and also played outside on the grass, which led us to our color activities.
hidden giraffe

We colored with green crayons and used all the green stickers in the house. For her special lunch this week we did a mixture of green (green olives, green beans, pickles, kale/apple pouch) and g things (grilled cheese, graham crackers, grapes). She loved the grilled cheese, graham crackers and green beans. She smooshed the grapes, returned the pickles to their container after a small sampling and promptly spit out the olives. We’ll have to work on developing her palette 😉


We had another sensory color bag. She really liked the foam leaves and the glitter on top.


We had LOTS of Grandparent activities this week! We’re lucky to live close to both sets of her Grandparents. We spent time with her Grandparents C earlier in the week, we went out to lunch with her Grandparents L in the middle of the week and then she ended the week by spending the whole afternoon and evening with Grandma L while we went on a date…two birds one stone! 😉


We celebrated National Grandparents Day by going to visit each set. By the way, if you haven’t read these books you should. They’re darling!



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