Festive Dollar Store Tablescape

It’s week 3 in our #DazzlingDollarDIY challenge (click here to check out all the entries of my co-hosts and the ones who are playing along!) and this week’s theme was Seasons Eating. I decided to put together a Christmas dollar tablescape. Meaning everything but the large plate and runner were literally dollars a piece! If you want to see where I purchased each item, pieced it together and a mini tutorial on how I made the snowflake napkin ring check out below!

Ok, let’s start out with the centerpiece! This is an old one I made but the entire box, including the floral and pine sprays, cost me 8.00 total! We used wood we already had and after I sketched out what I wanted the dimensions to be my husband put it together. It was crazy easy though, I could’ve done it! Then we used stain we already had and the floral and pine came from Hobby Lobby in their individual spray decors. I got the at 40% off each so they came out to 8.00!

I bought this the decorative plate, it comes in a 2 pack, at Target in their Dollar Spot and they were 3.00 each which comes out to 1.50 per place setting. I think it looks WAY more expensive than that and they’re heavy so I also think that adds to the expensive look. I always find that items that feel substantial look more expensive

Ok, this one shocked me! I’ve been searching for olive green goblets for ages but every set I’ve found has been well over $100.00 for a set of 6. Since I usually host for 10-12 you can understand why I never pulled the trigger on any of them. I was wandering around my DollarTree looking for inspiration for these challenges and found the serving ware section. These beauties were buried on the bottle shelf and behind some other glasses but…are you ready?…They were $1 a glass!!! I cleaned them out and bought all 13 they had and I’m seriously in love. They just as pretty as the other more expensive sets, the only difference in the olive green is more subtle in the DollarTree ones but for $1 that is A-OK!

I love using chargers and placemats but I couldn’t find any that were cheap enough. Plus, I wanted to use as much dollar items as possible so I resisted the urge to pull one out of my collection and instead went and found a 12×12 piece of heavy scrapbook paper that matched my colors and even had snowflakes to match my napkin ring I made! Don’t forget to look at every day items and see if they can serve a different purpose

I found these red napkins there as well as some plain silver plastic napkin rings that I made into this! If you want the mini tutorial on how I did the napkin ring look below

At the DollarTree I found these plain silver plastic napkin rings but I really wanted something more festive. I ended up not being able to find anything else better so I grabbed them and a silver plastic snowflake mini garland at Wal-Mart to alter them

I measured out how around I wanted the snowflakes to go around the ring. My first attempt I went all the way around it but I noticed that the raised parts of the snowflakes made it lay funny. For the others I measured out enough to go 3/4s around and the bottom was the smooth plastic. Having the raised snowflakes actually ended up helping it not roll around at all! They lay perfectly on the table and there is no risk of them scratching my table either

Once I had the measurements down, cut the garland into the correct sizes and just hot glue them on! So easy huh and much more festive than the plain rings before

If you’d like to play along for next week head over to my IG account for the rules!


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