DIY Dollar Store Christmas Tree Ornaments

The holiday season is here and that means 2 things…Christmas decorations and having absolutely NO money after the season is over 😉 Because we all need every single dollar around this time I went about trying to find a way to get my craft on, have some cute new decorations AND do it as cheaply as possible!  Brielle has  Frozen themed Christmas tree in her bedroom the past 2 years but now that she’s a rambunctious 3.5 yr old I didn’t dare leave my very fragile and very expensive snowflakes in her tornado path. So I headed to the Dollar Store to see what I could come up with and I ended up making 4 different versions of ornaments for her tree and everything I used to make them came from the Dollar Store! Major plus so if these break the only thing I’m worrying about is cleaning up the glass shards rather than weeping because I’ll never be able to find those snowflakes again. This is a quick look at everything I used to make my Dollar Store Frozen ornaments so check out the details below!

First up are the glitter ornaments. Most of the ones I saw online required floor polish as the adhesive but they didn’t have any at the Dollar Store so I grabbed baby oil to try and it worked brilliantly. Pour a tiny amount into your glass bulb and slowly roll it around to coat the entire inside. Don’t shake it though or you’ll get bubbles and I don’t know how they’d dry with the glitter

After it’s fully coated inside dump any extra oil out and grab your preferred glitter. Pour in a generous amount and slowly roll it around to cover all the oil with glitter

This is what the final result should look like. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE that the glitter is inside! Little hands love to touch everything sparkly and pretty soon I’ve got a fine coating of glitter throughout my house. I hot glued the cap just to be say and then I attached the wire hook. I didn’t put the cap on with the wire attached before I was afraid it’d scrap off the glitter inside

To make it a bit more Frozen I used these small snowflake stickers. I dabbed a small dot of hot glue in the center, instead of adhering them like stickers, so the edges could curl a bit and look like they had fluttered down and landed on the bulb

Next up was the easiest one! Just a clear glass bulb and stuff it halfway full of fake snow. A mini melting Olaf 😉

I’ve been dying to try a melting crayon craft for a while so I thought this would be a fun time to try it! Grab your crayon colors and soak them in water. It helps remove the label and when they were slightly damp it helped me adhere them better and more evenly through the bulb

Most tutorials I saw they used broken pieces or chopped up crayons but when I did that the result wasn’t great for me for some reason. It just made a big blob of color without the pretty variations. So I used a carrot peeler on my next round and having them in little shavings went MUCH better

Grab your blow dryer and pliers or tweezers…those bulbs get crazy hot. I decided to try making one that looked like a stained glass window I recently saw so I didn’t swirl these around to coat the inside. I got the shavings damp and shook them around in the bulb until I liked the placement and then heated it up to firmly adhere them to the glass

The final results. I made 2 of each ornament and they filled her little tree with ease

And a few pictures of how they look nestled in her tree. I’m so happy with how well they fit in with the other decorations I already had on her cute little flocked tree!

I’m so excited to be a part of the Dazzling Dollar DIY group! Every week this month we’re got a great Christmas challenge. If you’d like to play along or see the other’s crafts follow me along on Instagram @thelilysage


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