Spilling Floral Teacup Tutorial

I wanted some smaller centerpieces to use at my recent Mother’s Day Tea Party, take a peek at it here! so I decided to make these cute hovering teacups that look like flowers are spilling out of them! They’re so easy to make and really cheap too. Keep reading to find out how I made this!

I got everything I needed at the dollar store or had it at home already. You’ll need a fork, teacup, and fairly sturdy plate (definitely not plastic) for each floral piece you’ll be making. You’ll also need silk flowers, pick a variety of sizes, colors and spread of the petals so it’ll look more pleasing to the eye and give some great dimension. You’ll also need moss, something to weight your plate down and glue. LOTS of glue!

Start by bending your fork tines so they’ll lie flat on your plate. Bend the rest of the fork handle to your preferred angle. It’ll be the angle you’ll want your teacup. I bent my fairly exaggerated so I could get more flowers flowing down. Finish by bending the last inch of the top part of the handle so you’ll have a place to adhere your teacup. I used hot glue but you can use any heavy duty glue you’ve got.

Adhere your fork to the inside of your teacup. Now is when you’ll want to weight the opposite side of your plate. The weight of the teacup will cause it to topple right over. They sell tiny weights at Hobby Lobby. Or you can do what I did and finish the job with pennies, so many pennies, when you run out of the weights. 😉

Now for the fun part, decorating! Glue your moss to cover the fork and your weights so they’re hidden. The moss gives it really great texture to your piece. Then randomly start gluing your individual silk flowers on top of the moss. Keep adding until you’re happy with the coverage. See, super simple. If you end up making one, I’d love to see them! Post them in the comments or send me a picture 😀


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