Mother’s Day Tea Party

I just hosted my very first Mother’s Day luncheon! I chose a Tea Party theme because when else can you go hog wild with all things pink and dainty?! Plus, you can only have so many pretend tea parties with plastic, albeit darling, teacups and asking Elmo if he’d like a refill for the 20th time…”MOM! You’re not asking him the right way!!” Anyways, you can imagine my excitement at the thought of using actual glassware and enjoying adult conversation with 3 of my favorite ladies in the whole world!

I went with a simple menu. Chicken salad on croissants, mixed berries, and a strawberry and spinach salad drizzled with poppyseed dressing.

I really am SO happy with how my spilling floral teacups turned out! I’ll have a tutorial up on how to make these later this week.

And you can’t forget the desserts. We had a bit of everything…chocolate cupcakes with tulip sugar cookies as well as key lime tarts.

My color scheme started with this gorgeous tea service my mom got as her wedding china. I used blue and pink as my main colors and sprinkled in lime green here and there to add an extra bit of brightness. Don’t you just love how beautiful and delicate the pattern is? Man, I regret not getting wedding china!

The complete table

I made the centerpiece. Using just an empty teapot I already had and silk flowers from the dollar store. I added in the bright green bird and candle tied with the ribbon to balance all the greens

Ok, technically we didn’t have tea but Mother’s Day Pink Punch Party just doesn’t have the same ring to it

I couldn’t forget about my little one, who felt SO grown up at an actual tea party with the grown ups. Just not grown up enough that I dared risk her using very fragile china.

I thought it was such a fun touch to add these draping flowers in the spout like it was pouring flowers. I put a wedge under the back part of the teapot to give it a slight tilt

 I made the teapots out of scrapbook paper and filled them with chocolate and gave them as favors. I got the template here

She made all of our afternoons even better by wearing her Alice in Wonderland dress to commemorate the occasion. Maybe I’m biased but I think she looks like the perfect Alice!

It was such a wonderful afternoon to celebrate my Mom and Grandma along with my sister-in-law and my daughter. Four generations and I feel so lucky to have all these lovely women in my life. My Grandma and Mom have shaped so much of who I am. My Grandma has been the hostess with the mostess for as long as I can remember and I’m sure I got my love of hosting from her. I’ve watched my Mom create things since I was little; needlepoint, tole painting, crafting, scrapbooking, sewing, gardening. Everything that makes a house a personalized and cosy home. She started to foster my creative side as soon as I could hold a glue stick. Where would I be without them? WHO would I be without them? I strive constantly to give my daughter what I was given. The chance and encouragement to find my talents and grow them. All while providing a soft spot to land when she fails along with big tears to help her feel secure and kisses to wipe away the tears.

Even though I’m lucky enough to have these women as my family I don’t think Mother’s Day should be JUST about being a mother. It should be about the women who make a difference. Celebrate those women in your life. The ones that lift you up. The ones that champion you and help you become the best version of yourself. And don’t forget to apply all of those things to yourself!  Because YOU make a difference in people’s life. You lift people and push them to grow. Whether you’re a mother or not…remember to celebrate yourself because you’re freaking amazing!! Happy Mother’s Day to every incredible woman out there!


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