Queen of Hearts Halloween Party

I’m finally getting our annual Halloween party up. I’ve been so busy this past year, hence the absence on this blog so I meant to do just something small for our families. As usual it just snowballed into a huge thing because I have no self control. These are the invitations we sent out.


We usually try to theme our Halloween parties after our costumes of the year. This year my daughter was Alice, my husband was the White Rabbit and I was the Queen of Hearts so of course we had to go with a Queen of Hearts theme. I did a dinner party this year and after a lot of searching I found a place that could accommodate one long line of tables so it felt like a giant table. Forgive the terrible quality of pictures, it was dark when I took them. All the roses were silk and the pots were clearance at the end of the summer sale, spray painted and filled with moss. The cards came from the dollar store.


The rose topiaries I made last Valentine’s Day. Click HERE for the tutorial


 I really wanted to incorporate the card soldiers. I thought they’d make perfect place cards. I found similar templates online and then modified them to what I needed. I also made the stands so they could stand.


I had this idea floating around in my head that I wanted my dessert backdrop to mimic a big hedge, like the ones that make up the maze in the Queen of Hearts garden. So I found these 16×16 artificial plant mats at Target and tasked Scott to build it for me. It turned out phenomenal!!! It’s 6 ft x 6 ft and I couldn’t be more thrilled!


  I also wanted a giant heart to display my rose cupcakes. He built that for me and I spray painted it metallic gold. I had all the cupcakes frosting like roses; red, white and white ones that looked like they were being painted red.


 The base of the heart cupcake stand was looking a bit stark so I covered it with playing cards and it added just the right flair to it. We also had sugar cookies around the base.


I’ve been wanting to do a mystery dinner for a long time and this was the perfect time to do it. It was SUCH a blast!  Each person had their own menu and picked one item from each category. What they didn’t know was each was code for an item of food and they didn’t know what they were ordering.


Here’s the key to the menu. It was freaking hysterical to have people order spaghetti or chili with a toothpick for their utensil! Everyone was a really good sport and I guarantee that it won’t be a dinner party they forget any time soon!



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