Valentine Topiary

 After a month of begging my computer not to give up the ghost I accepted my fate and got a new computer so I can start posting again! And what a busy year of events it’s shaping up to being. I’ve got the regular holidays and Brielle’s birthday but this year I’m throwing 2 bridal showers for some very special women! I’ll be drowning in love and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Speaking of love, I have a quick tutorial for a Valentine’s Day craft! It’s so simple and can be done pretty cheap, especially compared to what I’d buy one for. You’ll need a wooden dowel, a flower pot, floral foam, wood stain, moss, a Styrofoam ball (I used the bigger size so it’d balance the flower pot), and some silk roses or your preferred flower. IMG_4790

Start by staining your dowel and while it’s drying pluck each rose head off the bunch and press the plastic piece into the Styrofoam ball. Nestle them in very closely, like almost on top of one another, it helps keep them in place without using hot glue. Stick the dowel into the base of the ball.


Insert the dowel into the floral foam (make sure you don’t get the floral foam for fresh flowers. It’s got to be the one for silk flowers so it can hold the weight.) and cover the top of the foam with moss. Done! See, so easy and since I had most of the things already I spent 12.50 for 2. If you had to buy everything I estimated that it’d cost almost 22.00. Compared to the 47.00 per rose topiary I recently saw in a local store I’m thrilled with how they turned out! In fact, I’m going to see if I can create one for St Patrick’s Day if I can find some silk clovers.


And if you’re still looking for a Valentine’s Gift for a loved one, here is what I settled on to give as gifts this year. I picked up mason jars at Wal-Mart (I got the wide mouth) and spray painted the lid a bright blue. The tag and heart topper I picked up at Hobby Lobby. We ordered some cupcakes from a local bakery and we’ll deliver them on Saturday! Simple and delicious ;D



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