Fiesta Father’s Day Dinner

We had our Father’s Day dinner a bit early this year with our parents. I wanted a fun colorful theme so I went with “Taco ’bout GREAT Dads!” Once I picked the theme it was easy sailing, even more so because it came so close to Cinco De May so I had lots of inspiration! Check out the details below

I asked my cute friend Katie to help me create the floral arrangement. She created a tutorial for me as well as a shopping list of what flowers to go buy to replicate her arrangement. The colors were so perfect and they were the exact ones I used for the entire color palette. The bright yellows, purples, pinks and lime greens were such a great start and it definitely felt summer! To further bring in the theme I arranged them all in a sombrero. If you need help arranging florals head to her site, she’s a genius in creating beautiful arrangements but still making them easy for novices to replicate them!

The food was a no brainer…tacos! I did traditional taco meat and my favorite chicken recipe in the entire world! I could seriously eat it all on it’s own. Here’s the recipe, make sure to make the lime sour cream to go with it. Mmmmmm

Place settings. I got the cups from Michael’s and the plates from Oriental Trading. The super cute tacos were made by the crazy talented Marilyn of Jazzy’s Creation. They’re mini pinatas and I filled them with Red Hots! They were a huge hit

Here’s the recipe for the Chili Lime Corn, I like mine spicy so I added extra chili powder and I used a tsp of Mrs. Dash fiesta lime seasoning

For the mini floral arrangements I used guacamole bowls as vases. I got all them, including the ones used for toppings, in a pack on Amazon

This cake…Kayley is one of the most talented bakers! Not only is her ig feed pure heaven to scroll through but the actual desserts don’t disappoint either! It took a lot of willpower to not eat a bit of this until the party. We did all sample the caramel drips on the back though….

Brielle was obsessed with these “Coco banners” haha, we watch it pretty often. I got it from Amazon as well. They pretty heavy vinyl too so I can reuse it

Let’s taco ’bout these adorable taco food tags. Brenda makes my custom confetti but when I opened the package to see that she includes these taco shells and made the confetti resemble tacos I did a literal squeal!!

It was our first alfresco dining of the summer and I couldn’t have picked a better one to kick off the season with! Happy Father’s Day to all those amazing father figures out there!




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