Oscar the Grouch Party

Everyone tells me it’s her age but seriously, I was not prepared for how much harder 3 is than the “Terrible Twos”! Everything is “I’ll do it myself!”  and then this darling child cycles through the 5 stages of grief every time she’s told no and it.is.intense! She’s also recently decided that she wants to have an adult bedtime. So we have at least an hour every single night returning her to her bed every few minutes and telling her to stay in bed. Finally she crashes from sheer exhaustion but by then it’s to late and she’s already RSVP’d that Brielle the Grouch will be coming for a visit the next day. Since Brielle the Grouch has pretty much taken up permanent residence what better inspiration?!? So since Misery loves company….won’t you join us for a terrible time?!?

Really, the star of this entire party can’t be denied. Shelly outdid herself on this adorable Oscar the Grouch cake! You guys! This is entirely cake! Oscar was a chocolate cake with peanut butter filling (it was also my favorite flavor she’s ever made) and the trash can was more chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling. Everything else is fondant

I asked my good friend Brenda from Festive Fetti to make me a custom confetti mix and she nailed it! Don’t these worms look just like Slimey?!

Speaking of Slimey…Shelly made a fondant version to go along with the cake

Brenda also included these mini garbage can cutouts and they were the perfect size to give my mint M&M’s some Grouch appeal

Brielle used to be obsessed with Sesame Street…her second birthday was that theme so I already had this stuffed Oscar from her party. I believe it’s the Gund brand

I’ve had this tassel garland hanging out in a box for months just begging to be used. With all these shades of green it was perfect for this party! It’s from Glam Fete

They’ve toned Oscar down since I was a kid. He used to be SO gross! Does anyone else remember him loving sardine sundaes?! I found these adorable mini garbage cans and thought they’d be perfect to have our own version of Sardine Sundaes with Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, fudge sauce and Swedish Fish. I got the garbage cans at Factory Direct

We also have mud with worms. Just chocolate pudding, crushed Oreos and sour worms. Let’s not talk about later finding Brielle using one of her art paintbrushes to dip into the remaining chocolate pudding and give some of my home decorations a new coating of pudding paint….

Another view of Oscar, I wish I had been able to photograph his fur better because the texture was perfect

It was actually pretty fun, I was pleasantly surprised that Brielle was the one to show up to the party instead of her Grouch counterpart. At least until the ice cream gave her a brain freeze 😉

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