Easter Peeps Playdate

Brielle has been asking for a playdate with her BFFs for ages and what better theme than an Easter Peeps Playdate?!? Bright colors, glittery sugar and lots of sweets, perfect for a bunch of 3-4 year olds! Sadly, the day before 3 out of 5 of them had fevers and coughs so we had to have a raincheck but hey, it’ll give me a chance to have another fun party! Check out below if you want the details of how I styled this almost Peeps Playdate! 😉

Confession: I HATE peeps. They’re marshmallows, which I already dislike, and they’re so crazy sweet they hurt my teeth. However, you can’t have a Peeps Playdate without them so I grabbed a bunch and used the colors as my palette for the party. Bright pinks, greens, blues, purples and yellows scattered throughout the party to keep it a cohesive feeling. The food was peeps vanilla cupcakes, peeps smores, and peanut butter muddy buddies with peanut M&Ms mixed in

Wooden Easter Eggs from Target. I just painted them and attached them with command strips.

Peeps Bunny plaque, I happened to have this scrapbook paper that went perfectly with the theme and colors so I mod podged it onto a plaque I got from Hobby Lobby. Both the plaque and eggs will be playroom Easter decorations after

I quickly made two Peeps towers for additional height, color and Peeps. Super easy, break the toothpicks in half before you stick them into the styrofoam. I got the great idea from The Party Wagon

The Peeps smores: Oven at 350 then lay out your graham crackers, chocolate and peep (in that order) and cook until chocolate is melted. I did mine for about 5 minutes. Then immediately put the other graham cracker on top and squish down to seal it all together. They were a HUGE hit with my daughter and husband

I got these darling cups from Wal-Mart and they matched the peeps perfectly

Plates also at Wal-Mart

I had quickly made up these tags, filled the bottles with strawberry milk and they were good to go! Bottles from Oriental Trading

Centerpiece from Target. I spray painted the bottom white from silver and then I curled all the branches so they had a bit more whimsical feel

These carrot sleeves! They used to have a paper rabbit in them to pull out and color but I threw away the rabbits and used the carrots for fork holders. I’m seriously in love! I believe I got them at Target but it’s been a few years

For our activity they’d have searched for Easter Eggs throughout the house (yay for snow still) and each put them in their own personalized wooden basket. Baskets from Wal-Mart and then I mod podged the scrapbook paper and Peeps bunny on each one after I made the Peeps bunny name tags in Photoshop

Even though I’m not a fan of the actual Peeps, I’m a pretty big fan of how this party turned out! Hopefully, the next playdate actually happens!


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