Halloween Spider Party

I found this incredible web from Oriental Trading and I knew I HAD to throw a spider party! I kept everything black and white tones, I feel like there is something a little unnerving about colorless Halloween decor. It reminds me of horror books I read growing up, someone would find a corpse and the body was always described something along the lines like “skin as paper, translucent and drained of all blood. With their black eyelashes lying on their cold skin giving a startling contrast”.  Geez, I  LOVE Halloween!

I stuck with black and white food like white cupcakes, Oreo parfaits, Oreo candybark, white powder donut holes and chocolate drizzled popcorn

This fabulous spider runner came from the Target dollar section

I bought the laser web cupcake liners from Amazon, I got the last package and couldn’t find anything similar so sadly, I don’t have a link for you. The glitter spiders came from Oriental Trading

Don’t the powder donut holes remind you of spider egg sacks?!

Another shot of the cupcakes and parfaits

I bought the white popcorn containers from a local party store, I wanted to add something extra to them though. So I drew on spider legs to random polka dots

The skull mug is from Wal-Mart, make sure you use spider rings liberally!!!

I did the same thing with the parfait spoons, they look so cute having tiny spiders sprinkled down the handles

I got the spider rings from Oriental Trading

Seriously, loved this  Spider Halloween party! Brielle is a taaaad worried about this huge spider. Especially, since she has to walk past it from her bedroom to get to the rest of the house! I threw this together so quickly, it really would be any easy last minute party if you’re having friends or family over and want to get into the spooky holiday spirit!



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