Dr Pepper Party

For years it was a running joke that my dad’s side of the family loved Dr Pepper so much they should have an IV of it put in their arm. I’m no different, it’s definitely my drink of choice so I thought it’d be a fun theme! Can I confess something? I feel like this is a safe space so here goes…I keep my Dr Pepper bottles in the car during the summer. Something about the sun heating the drink makes the carbonation burn SOOO good. Haha or as my 3 year old would say, “That’s some spicy pop!” Now that we’ve got the weirdness out of the way let’s move onto the party! I let the brand’s color guide me on my color palette with the iconic burgundy, black and white but I threw some bright red to brighten it up!

I had a ton of fun scouring the internet for Dr Pepper recipes and found an amazing one for Dr Pepper Caramel popcorn. In the end, I don’t think there was enough Dr Pepper to reduce to a syrup so the flavor was very slight. I’m not going to include that recipe since it didn’t really deliver the flavor I was hoping for. However, I’m going to make some adjustments to it and if I can get it just right I’ll include it later! Shelly collaborated with me again and created the most delicious Dr Pepper flavored desserts. More details below!

I LOVED making this garland banner! Not just because it MADE me have to buy a few containers of Dr Pepper but because they add such a fun touch! I also made the sign in Photoshop. I wanted something simple to anchor everything but quickly tell you the theme at a glance. Mission accomplished!

I used the cans to help give my table some height, layered with a tray to hold the parfaits

I love how well all the colors played together and I really can not stress enough…get varying heights on your display table! It makes such a huge difference!

Party Tip: think outside the box when it comes to things you can use as height, like candlestands that the big bottles stood on

Or little glass jars. Secret: these are baby food jars I’ve kept for years, those suckers are SO handy! My original stands were too wide for this set up so I had to get creative and they ended up being the perfect diameter size and height for each individual cake pop. Adding bright red shredded paper also gave a new layer of texture and interest to the eye

I asked Shelly (ig handle cakes_byshelly) if she could create something inside a Dr Pepper can and she brilliantly came up with parfaits! The parfaits were chocolate Dr Pepper cake, brushed with Dr Pepper and layered with whipped cream cheese filling. I LOVED how they turned out, word of warning…if you do this yourself please be very careful! The cut lids were extremely sharp

The cupcakes were Dr Pepper chocolate flavored topped with Dr Pepper infused buttercream. I know people hate the word moist but do any of you want a dry cupcake?!? These were SO moist and heavenly! Plus, those cute little toppings? The white pearls made me think so much for that fizz you get when you crack one open. And the heart…self explanatory! Hello, I’m doing a party because I love the drink

I got the tassel garland custom from Glam Fete on etsy

These are mini wine decanters but I thought they were so cute. I customized them to this party by wrapping red ribbon around the bases

Find the decanters here and straws were some I had lying around the house

Even though you couldn’t taste the Dr Pepper very well it was still yummy! I got this mini popcorn boxes at my local store but you can find similar ones here. I downloaded the brand’s logo and resized it so I could paste them on the popcorn boxes. Ya know, just in case people forgot what kind of party they were attending 😉

And my favorite…the Dr Pepper cakepops covered in white chocolate and decorated with red sprinkles. I may have eaten 3 of these myself

Another fun Dr Pepper incorporation, Dr Pepper jellybeans! I used those to add another layer of texture and interest to my tray holding the parfaits. I had to shoot these pictures so fast because every time my back was turned Brielle was grabbing a handful

What a fun time I had, and not just because NOTHING went to waste after this party!  I tease Scott saying “I love you more than Dr Pepper! Just please don’t make me prove it!” 😀


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