Sparkly Kitty Party

Back in June we were at my parent’s house, eating dinner on the patio, when this darling little cat wandered into their backyard and made a beeline for Brielle. It was love at first sight for them both, neither leaving the other’s side for the next 3 hours. Of course being the animal lover I am…Brielle and I joined forces, batted our lashes at her Daddy and just like that we got a new kitty! We told Brielle that she’d have to take care of her and feed her every day. Yeah…ask me how consistent she’s been with that chore…anyways, since she was her kitty we let her pick out the name. She promptly named her Lily Glitter Sparkles (every parent that has also watched Trolls on repeat will get it!) We picked up some essentials, including a bright pink collar with pink heart tag and took her home. She settled in right away with our dog, Ajax, and only a few spats with our other cat, Zoe. To celebrate her joining our family and Zoe’s birthday in July we had a Kitty party!

Brielle insisted on pink for her two girl kitties and I picked gold to go with the sparkles portion of the name. I also used black and white to ground it all but also because both Zoe and Lily are mainly those colors.

I made this background using Photoshop and some free graphics I found online. Then printed at Staples

Balloons found here Pink Gold Black

The gold dessert plates I found here. I really like these because they’re actually sturdy. It’s the worst when you’re carrying a plate of food and the weight of it causes the plate to buckle and your food ends up all over the floor. You’re mortified at ruining your host’s carpet and starving to boot

We kept the food pretty simple, sugar cookies with gold sprinkles

Bright pink drinks with these fun drink stirrers. I found sparkly pom poms at Hobby Lobby and glued them on cakepop sticks. The cats LOVED batting the extras around! The cups I bought here I love them because the bottoms are removable so you can customize them easily! I spray painted the bottoms of these to tie in with my other gold accents!

Brielle got to pick one of her stuffed kitties to help with the decorations. I’d say she picked a spot on one!

Kitty Cat cupcakes with these gorgeously glittery gold cupcake liners. I found these in my local Zurchers store but they have a lot of other liners available online here

And leftover Ferrero Rochers from Brielle’s Moana birthday party (see that here)

Favors. These bright gold pillow boxes were exactly the right size, I found them at Hobby Lobby. And the sequins runner added just another bit of sparkle

These paper tassels gave just the right amount of texture AND they totally reminded me of something the cats would play with. Which they did! This was torn down twice with them batting at it. I bought this one in stores at Zurchers but this one is the same minus how each tassel is attached


I can’t help it. I love puns and I love favors so best of both worlds! And of course, the glitter had to be pink!

It was a puuuurrrrfect party of pink, glitter and gold! So you can imagine our surprise when we were able to get Lily Glitter Sparkles into the vet and learned she was a he!! Haha 😉



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