Construction Father’s Day Party

I have some pretty special men in my life. I have my dad and hands up….I was and STILL am a Daddy’s Girl. I love that man more than ordinary words can say. I can say all the exaggerated phrases like My Hero, The Funniest, Incredibly Generous, My First Cheerleader but they still fall too flat. He’s the person I still call when I need to vent and cry because he’s always known to validate my feelings first (even when they were a mess of angsty teenage girl who felt like her world was over, I repeat, OVER because not one friend had the same lunch period as me) and save the advice for the end after I was all dried out of tears and it was exactly what I needed to hear. Not always what I wanted but precisely what I needed. My first Secret Admirer, sending me a big bouquet of flowers every Valentine’s Day during school so I felt special. Starting from 6th grade and continues to this day, always complete with a card telling me something he loves about me and signed Your Secret Admirer. Even though I’ve known it was him since late high school, when he slipped up and wrote the card himself and I immediately recognized his handwriting, it’s still one of my most dear traditions. He was the perfect Dad and my mom always told me if I could find a man like my Dad I’d be happy for the rest of my life.

And it’s been true. Next up is my husband, Scott, who had some monstrous shoes to try and fill but stepped right up to the plate and like everything else in his life has shown he’s brilliant at it. He and my Dad are so similar that they’re incredibly close to each other on their own which just thrills me to see the two men that I love more than life get along so swimmingly! Scott is such a tremendous father to our daughter, Brielle! He can get her belly laughing so hard she can’t breath. She loves trailing behind him as he refills our bird feeder, gets the mail, does yard work and make Mav runs so she can convince him she NEEDS those M&Ms! He’s always willing to take her for an afternoon when I need a break or take her shopping. She loves it too because he’s such a softie she always returns with something new. She 100% has her Daddy wrapped around her cherubic finger and I know their relationship is shaping up to be as special as mine with my Dad. So you can clearly see…I LOVE celebrating Father’s Day and the men that are champions of the title Father!

NOW, onto the reason you’re here…the party!! I wanted a masculine theme but finding one that fit for both of them with varying interests was hard. Until I decided on “Thank you for helping us BUILD our lives!” because it’s a perfect fit for them both since they’re still shaping their childrens’ lives! I went with a construction theme and kept my colors to bold orange, yellow and black with splashes of metallic silver.

I found these DARLING construction cups from Oriental Trading and they were such a fun touch. All my siblings are 21 and older but all 8 of the adults throughly enjoyed drinking out of them. Keep in mind, they’re meant for little kids so they do hold quite a small amount of liquid but still super fun for all ages!

The plates, napkins and forks are from Zurchers and perfect in shape and color for a construction theme! I made the placecards to mimic a construction barrier just using Photoshop and the legs are black cardstock that I free handed a cutout. If you’d like the blank version leave me a comment or send me an email

I like my centerpieces to be reusable or play double duty as favors. So I had my mom dig out some old pictures of each of my siblings and me with our dad. I made a picture frame for each one and had each one be a different construction tool. I made one for Scott as well with Brielle. They got to keep the frames as gifts to keep in their offices! All the tools were purchased from Lowes (check your dollar store too just in case!) And I used super glue to adhere everything after I’d spray painted some old frames I already had. I just love the personalized touch it gave our table and we had a lot of fun reminiscing about our childhood!

An overview of the complete table

This is our food table set up. I kept the orange, yellow and black colors to tie the two areas together. Using crepe paper as my backdrop was a quick way to bring in my colors, add some texture but still kept the focus on the food and was crazy cheap! I thought it’d be funny to do themed construction food too so everything is construction related!

I found these cute little toolboxes at my local dollar store to use as cupcake displays. They also served as another gift. My Dad and Scott were each given one to keep the bare necessity tools in for their houses so they don’t have to trek out to the garage and find a screwdriver

I like having a main focal point on my food tables that describes my theme. So I made this sign, search for wallpaper images online for the largest images so they are crisp when they’re blown up and printed, and then found this cool square wire wreath to wrap an extension cord around it. Lucky, the cord I found was in my colors and the square wreath was just like my plates and food signs so it was another easy way to tie it all together. If you’d like a copy of the sign leave me a comment or email

I had such a fun time planning this but geez, men party themes are MUCH harder to image and execute then little girl parties! I hope you all had a wonderful Father’s Day!!

Plates, forks, napkins, cupcake liners: Zurchers

Cone cups and crepe paper: Oriental Trading

Tablecloths and runners: Tablecloth Factory

Tools and extension cord: Lowes

Tool Boxes: Local Dollar Store

Wire Wreath: Michael’s


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