Harry Potter Dinner Party

In my family we’re serious students of Harry Potter so it was only natural to have a Harry Potter Dinner party! Now, word of warning…this post is extremely picture heavy so grab a stein of butterbeer. You’ll be here a while. The first thing my guests came into was the potion station.

My husband and I made all the potions. The liquid ones we used various items and poured EnviroTex Lite (from here)into the bottles, over the items, to seal them. It creates a hard shell. It’s very easy but while it’s hardening PLEASE keep kids away from the bottles! I picked one up to move it and got a really nasty burn. They become incredibly hot while hardening.


I sorted everyone in houses that are similar to their personalities. I made these signs that have each House characteristics so they could read more on why they were placed in their certain House.

Must always be prepared

An extremely helpful, and on theme no less, way to keep guests out of areas they shouldn’t be in

As they moved on from the potion section they went into the house commons area

Commons area

Complete with all your spell books and wand. I’ll be putting up a quick tutorial on the mini monster book this week

Oh look, some naughty student put a spell on this quill to do their homework for them!

Hedwig made an appearance

As well as Dobby, guarding money from Gringotts

Then they walked into the Great Hall, already set up for dessert. Hogwarts Banner, Castle Wall Covering (Very easy to put up! They’re lightweight and clingy out of the package so they hug the wall as you’re placing it.) The Candelabras I’ve had for years and the owl I made

I’ll have a tutorial on him soon

Dessert set up

Ferrero Rochers, Praline fudge and chocolate frogs

Butterbeer and chocolate chip cookies. Just add butterscotch chips and toffee bits to your favorite chocolate chip recipe

This cake…it’s amazing huh?! It was chocolate salted caramel and made by the crazy talented The Kitchen McCabe It was as good as it looks! I wanted something to be a subtle nod to Harry Potter so I decided to go with this stag…Harry’s patronus! It’s a Christmas ornament and unfortunately sold out.


House Points

Everyone had to show their ID to get their dinner

And into the dining area we went for dinner. The house color banners are actually plastic tablecloths slung over my curtain rod above my sliding glass doors

Everyone had a mini cauldron filled with Bertie Bott Jelly Beans

I believe I got these at Spirit Halloween

As well as Butterbeer everyone had Polyjuice Potion in case they fancied being someone else for the night. It’s Sprite with neon green food coloring

No picture of it but we had Roast Beef, Potatoes and Gravy, Fresh green beans and rolls

I assigned everyone wands on their student ID. I went through every wand description on Pottermore and picked out the ones most fitting for everyone. Our activity was they had to make their own wand and design it to look the way they thought their wand would look.

It was SUCH a blast of a party…I think one of my favorites to date! I’ll be putting up the tutorials and printables I used within the next week!


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