Easter Craft Night

It’s been a while since I hosted a craft night and with Easter coming up there are SO many cute crafts floating around it was definitely time. So I invited some of my favorite ladies, including my 2.5 daughter since we must start craftiness early, and threw a mini craft night!

I kept the food really simple since it was after dinner and you don’t want a big plate and fork taking up your craft space. I always buy the Hidden Valley ranch packets but to make it taste more fresh try adding in chopped parsley and chives. It really brightens up the flavor and people always ask for my recipe. 😉

I like different combos on my fruit pizza so I went with fruit pizza cookies. They were small enough to eat one handed and you could try different combos or avoid the fruit you dislike. I use the Pillsbury sugar cookies in the refrigerator section. Saves SO much time and they came out a great texture, not too soft so they crumbled under the fruit.

Paint chips are always great to add a bit of color and you can never beat free! Ok…I’ve got to fess up…I totally had to add these letters in through photoshop. I used a chalk marker and while it showed up in person it didn’t photograph at all. Too bad my handwriting isn’t nearly this cute! 🙁

I found the rabbit silhouette online, printed it off and my handy husband cut them all out for us

Including a baby bunny for our daughter so she could truly join in her first Craft Night!

And she was a natural. Our finished pieces and I have to say I’m pretty dang impressed that she did so well for 2.5 years old!



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