Valentine’s Pizza Party

My daughter had her Valentine’s Day party and it was such a hit! When you have a bunch of little kids a cute and elaborate tea party isn’t going to get the love it deserves. So I kept the theme simple and one that appeals to boys and girls, the young and old, humans and dogs…Pizza!

I found the pizza slices template online and customized the heart pepperoni to lean it a bit more towards Valentine’s

Of course you can’t have a pizza party without the main course being pizza. They LOVED cutting out the pizza dough and helping brush the pizza sauce on. Having them help make their own pizzas also counted as our party activity. My kitchen is covered in shredded cheese because they insisted you can never have too much cheese. I happen to agree. 😉

I made the sign. Truly, doesn’t pizza solve a lot of problems?

While the kids were making their own pizzas I made pizza roses. Super simple: refrigerated pizza dough, cut into 2 inch strips, brush on pizza sauce, followed by a layer of Italian shredded cheese, thinly sliced tomatoes or pepperoni and finished with Italian seasoning. Roll them up, keep the bottom of the strip a bit tighter than the top. Also, make sure to put the round part of the tomato or pepperoni right at the top of the strip so they show their color and help your pizza bloom. Place in muffin tins, heavily drenched in Pam…they can be hard to get out. Bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes.

A party isn’t one without some sugar but I wanted them to fit the theme. Enter pizza cupcakes…white cupcakes with red frosting for the sauce, shredded white chocolate for cheese, fruit roll up for pepperoni, black licorice for olives and sour sticks for the green peppers. I think they’re my favorite part of this party!

Don’t they look so fancy and for crazy little effort!

The other dessert was sugar cookies. Same frosting and white chocolate as the cupcakes but I used my Christmas sprinkles for the pepperoni and green peppers. I used Halloween sprinkles for the olives…and all were placed using tweezers. That was a bit tedious! Haha but they turned out really cute!

    She gave out these as favors. The pizza is an eraser from Oriental Trading

Have a terrific Valentine’s Day…I’m off to finish those leftover pizza roses!


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