Oh, The Places You Will Go Party

My husband, Scott, recently fulfilled a big dream and is fully self employed now! It’s been a very long and hard year leading to this but I’m immensely proud of him for accomplishing this! I wanted to throw him a surprise party to celebrate this big event with our family and friends. Man it was hard getting it all put together without him knowing! It was worth it though to see his face. It was only fitting to have the theme “Oh The Places He Will Go”

I made this sign for him to keep at his office for when he may feel discouraged.

An up close look

My favorite part of the book is definitely the hot air balloons. I had the hardest time finding hot air balloon decor that wasn’t pastel but Shindigz came through and I found these on their website!

Since the party was for a male adult I wanted to stay away from the pastel colors of the book. I made them all primary colors instead to keep it a tad more masculine and anchored it all with touches of black

All the food was kept simple. Cupcakes from Sam’s Club (30 for 14.00 and you can customize the frosting colors) with the toppers also from Shindigz. Sugar cookies and rainbow Rice Krispies (suggestion…sub almond flavoring for the vanilla! They taste out of this world!)

Chocolate dipped Oreos are always good, not to mention easy! I found the awesome edible gold glitter on Amazon

Don’t these remind you SO much of Green Eggs and Ham? They’re a go to for me and I’m sure everyone already knows how to make these so I won’t go into detail about them

The guests saw this when they walked in

It was a really fun party, it’s been a while since I planned a party for Scott so it was refreshing to stretch my creativity and make a party enjoyable and appropriate for an adult guy! Dr. Seuss always has the answers! 😀


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