‘Murica Trash Bash

Every year we throw a 4th of July party. It’s usually just a low key BBQ but this year I wanted to do something different. Something funny. And so the ‘Murica Trash Bash was born! We wanted to have it be themed after all those die hard Americans that just LOVE their country and all the other things we Americans seem to adore! It was so very tongue in cheek so it was hilarious!


I got denim leggings at Kohls and then used puff paint to deck them out!


Our invitation we sent outMurica

We had a good group of people showed up in costume, the rest were party poopers….next year! It was so funny to see what everyone’s definition of ‘Murica Trash was. These are some of my favorites


dress up


This was the extent of our decorating and it was glorious! For dinner we did a potluck so everyone would bring things in different colored and sized bowls. A ton of people brought store packaged items which we left in their original packaging…it added to the theme!


After dinner and visiting it was time to award prizes details1  First prize was a redneck birdfeeder (screwed a dollar store plunger onto a piece of wood) and the second prize was some romantic solo goblets (plastic solo cups from Wal-Mart glued onto dollar store candle holders)prizesThird Prize was DIY Bubble Bath (dry beans in an old mason jar) Little girls just aren’t capable of looking trashy…too cute!prizes1       We had such a fun time and got such great feedback on this theme, everyone is asking for it to be a recurring theme! We sure to love our ‘Murica and we got this gorgeous patriot looking sunset to end with. Happy Birthday sweet ‘Murica!IMG_7583


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