Dog Birthday Party

This is Ajax and he turned 10 years old!! Scott gave him to me as a Christmas the first year we were married and he’s been my best little pal ever since. Hand in the air I’m one of *those* dog owners, he’s always been like a baby to me so it’s been rough for both of us while I’ve been finding my footing as a new mother. He’s had less attention than normal this past year so I wanted to give him a special day that was devoted just to him. We invited over my nieces and his dog friend Oliver and he was in doggy heaven!

Ajax Party

I went with a primary color palette


The food was a no brainer 😉 We had a hot dog bar. Side note, if you have ever had a Beagle you’ll probably be nodding about how fitting the Beagle description is. Bottomless stomachs!



I made the flag banner by printing out clip art and gluing it on.


We had to make sure everyone knew that they didn’t pick the wrong cupcakes and that the ones lining the top were actually pupcakes (although they are edible to people)




This stuffed animal is very special to me. Scott had him made a few years ago through a company called Shelter Pups. It’s so neat, you send in photos of your dog and fill out a questionnaire about them. Then they make an animal that looks just like your pup! Plus, I love that when you order (adopt) one they donate money directly to your local shelter. We had one made for my dad when we lost our family beagle last year and it made it a tiny bit easier because it looked so much like Ernie. The company recently started making cats as well so we’ll be getting a Zoe soon as well!


Speaking of Zoe…she took over the dog house. We all know who runs this house


Eventually she made her way out and we used it for a decoration to put the favors for the little girls



When they showed up this was in the entryway and they had to transform into a puppy. They were attending a dog birthday party after all!




The pupcakes were a huge success! Click here for the dog safe cupcake recipe


I think the whole party was! After everyone had left Ajax was so exhausted from running around and chasing the girls and Oliver he promptly put himself to bed. He stayed there for the rest of the night snoring up a storm!


Plates, Napkins, Cups: Amazon

Balloons, Flag Banner, Cupcake Stand, Cupcake toppers: Zurchers

Dog Ears: Oriental Trading

Dog Favors: Walmart


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