Holy Cow Party

My Dad turned 60 last weekend! I knew he wouldn’t love a surprise birthday party but I wanted him to have a really special birthday since it’s a big one! So I rounded up all my brothers and my mom to plan a family weekend in Park City. That idea he did love, little did he know that he’d still have a surprise party. 😉 I set up my hotel room like this so when he came over to our room he’d get a mini surprise. I came up with the theme Holy Cow, Dad’s 60 Now! It was SO fun to plan and perfect for him because it wasn’t a huge event…just his family!

I got everything cow themed and nothing goes better with a cow theme than a milk and cookie bar!

DSC_8222DSC_8224DSC_8248DSC_8254DSC_8255DSC_8233  DSC_8256

We gave him a book of 60 Memories we all have of him. It was kind of a scrapbook with lots of pictures (us growing up until now) and individual memories placed in around the pictures. I made it and ordered it through Blurb. I print out our family blog every year from there and have loved them! The picture quality stays high and you can customize everything. It’s a tad slow though and at times it’s not the most user friendly (save often because it crashes!) but I haven’t found another company that does as good of a job.


I loved this party because it was neat to do a funny party but mostly because it was for my Dad!!

All party decor from Shindigz


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