4th of July BBQ

We had our annual 4th of July BBQ.  This is probably my favorite decoration I did for the party. I created a “hallway” of balloons and a path of stars leading our guests into the backyard. My husband cut out the star pattern from cardboard and then spray painted them onto the grass. We’ll be VERY patriotic for quite some time! 😉

starsThe food table. This year we went very low key and did a pot luck with hamburgers and hot dogs. It took quite a bit of stress of me and we got to enjoy everyone’s specialty dishes! Win-Win!DSC_7850 We had the cutest patriotic dip!DSC_7846 DSC_7845The drinks got a good dose of red, white and blue

DSC_7843I’m a sucker for cute straws but am I the only one that hates drinking out of them though? They turn soggy so quickly and I hate the feeling of paper in my mouth. I bought these darling fabric flags on sale at Michael’s and they were SO cute acting as a runner down the center of all the tables, that is until the wind came along and stole half of them!


I picked up the flowers from Sam’s Club and reused the vases from Brielle’s birthday party. I also found this really neat looking floral decor (it’s the silver and blue spiky thing) in the discount bin at Hobby Lobby. It reminded me of fireworks and they were the right color so I added them to the centerpieces. I love how they add that different texture.


The dessert table. I can be honest…this was the big hit of the party. Maybe it was because none of them had to make anything for this part 😉


Or maybe it had something to do with the Red Velvet cookies topped with cream cheese frosting and blueberries?

DSC_7900Or Sugar Cookie Bars

DSC_7903And Red Vines and Rice Rispies galore?!?!


Even though the wind disrupted our firework plan the party was still a success and we all left on a sugar high!


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