Woodland Nursery

We finally finished the nursery and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how it turned out! I wanted it a little whimsical but not typical baby decor so when I settled on a woodland theme I knew I had a big project ahead of me. It’s really difficult finding baby decor that isn’t pastels or really cartoony. Plus, all the inspiration rooms I found where very heavily boy themed so I’ve been piecing this room together, little by little, over the last 5-6 months!

I used lots of moss and animal details


This lamp is one of my favorite things. I bought it a few years ago from Pottery Barn because I loved it so much but it was in storage because I never knew what to do with it. It never fit in our house anywhere else but I think it’s perfect in here! I also love this hedgehog because it’s one of the stuffed animals my “secret admirer” gave me like 5 Valentines ago. It makes me happy knowing something her Grandpa gave me is in her nursery.


I found these really cute animal prints on Etsy in my exact color scheme so I bought 5 of them!


I wanted something really unique on the wall behind her crib. So I described my idea to my SIL and she painted this! It’s my take of bark on a tree. Right above the crib is a great big canvas with one of her newborns. We took them outside in an orange poppy field so it’d fit in perfectly with the woodland theme and tie in with the bits of orange she has throughout her nursery. I also love that we were able to “etch” hearts that mean something to our family.


The paw prints represent our dog and cat


I had my husband write the S+L so that it’d be in his handwriting, representing us. LOVE it!


Mushrooms from my baby shower (they got them from Hobby Lobby during the summer) and a printable that I tweaked so it’d fit in there. My husband painted this bookcase we already had a muted yellow. I love having things in there that he contributed to!


I had to include the picture I took of our beagle ( we lost him earlier this year) and her little shoes that my mom bought soon after we found out that we were expecting a girl. It makes me not so sad that he’ll never get to meet her. Now, he’ll always be with her.


This is the fabric that started the entire theme! All my colors and inspiration came from this line. I had the quilt made from a woman on Etsy.


Curtain tie backs. They match the white flowers on her quilt that’s on the chair. I found them on Urban Outfitters


Shelf decorations.


 We hung her moss letters from my first shower above her family trees. I found these canvas family trees on Etsy and ordered two. Each member of our family has their thumbprint on their family tree, including our grandparents.  When she was born we put her thumb prints on the swings in each. I’m so so glad the family trees came out the way I was hoping. I think it’s so special that she has her whole family in there with her and reminds her how loved she is! In the middle frame is one of her newborns.


I’m so so so happy with her nursery.  I’m also so thrilled that we were able to get so many special touches in there. It makes it even more meaningful! Hopefully, this can help anyone else with some inspiration if doing a girl’s nursery in a woodland theme!


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