Brielle’s Blessing Day

We had Brielle’s Blessing today. I was a wreck for at least 2 weeks before it trying to get everything finished, because I can’t do anything without it being way overboard. Insert eyeroll from everyone that knows me since I just can’t help it. I bought her dress online but my mom removed the sleeves and it was perfect! She looked so beautiful in it! The morning of the blessing was a mad house here. My whole family came over and helped us set up for the luncheon and my mom helped me get Brielle fed, bathed and dressed. Then we all got ready here and went to church together. There was so much hustle and bustle (and stress on my part) I felt like we were getting ready for a wedding. Oh, heaven help us when she actually gets married! 😉 After she was blessed we had a luncheon for family and friends that were there to celebrate the occasion with us.

Decorations at the luncheon. Some photos from her birth, newborns and some of our personal favorites that we’ve taken. Also her book I made (from Blurb) that had all her photos from her birth story. IMG_6160For the kid’s table I cut out big circles in the themed colors and covered it with butcher paper so they could color on it during the luncheon. It was AWESOME! The kids were occupied and that let the adults have the opportunity to visit



For the adult tables I used scrapbook paper as a bit of accent color and filled these twig baskets full of baby’s breath. They smelled so heavenly and I was able to do 13 tables for fairly cheap!



We also had her family trees there to get any family member we missed. Every member from our immediate families as well as our grandparents and some very close cousins and aunts put their fingerprint on the family tree. So Brielle has one representing each of her parent’s family tree and they hang in her nursery. They’re my favorite decoration in her nursery!


These are the favors we gave out. A sweet thank you to our loved ones! I found the favor boxes at Hobby Lobby and then cut out the circles from scrapbook paper and glued them on as well as the flowers. Quick and easy!

IMG_6159 DSC_0756


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