Gender Reveal Party

So touching on a bit of a personal note. We had struggles in the fertility department so when we finally got pregnant our families were as overjoyed as we were. We decided early on that we wanted to have them be included on the special moment when we found out what we were having. Since I can’t let any opportunity to throw a party pass me by this was a perfect time to have a gender reveal party! We had our party this afternoon and it was so fun to get together for lunch and visiting. We were also able to get all our siblings together (no small feat with 7 of them being all over the state) which contributed to how great this day was for Scott & me.

The set up! The tissue Pom Poms, boy and girl confetti, and pacifier charms are from Zurchers. As well as the plates, cups and napkins. I made all the printables. We had some of my cravings and some of the things that I am absolutely not craving.


Arby Sandwiches have been my big craving. I have like 3 a week. Once I woke up at 8am and told Scott I needed one. Since he’s an angel he obliged! 😉 DSC_4365DSC_4361

Sweets have been making me sick.

DSC_4366 DSC_4362

The Old Wives Tales. I was split right now the middle

DSC_4364DSC_4360 DSC_4363

THE package! We decided to find out what we were having along side our families so the ultrasound tech wrote the sex in a card and taped it up. Then we went to a local baby store and picked out a girl and boy coming home outfit. We gave both outfits and the card to the sales associate and she put the correct outfit in the box and gift wrapped it nice and tight so we weren’t tempted so badly to take a peek. I was so strong…it sat on my counter for days and I held out.


The official roster!


Mom & Dad baby pictures to day dream about what our little one may look like

DSC_4374 DSC_4372

Gift bags to take home…had to get rid of all the left over candy cause I sure wouldn’t be eating it!


We opened the box and she’d played a little trick by putting pink AND blue tissue paper in there. Once we got it all out though there was the girl outfit! We can’t even wait to welcome this baby girl into our family!!!



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