Happy Birthday Dr. Suess

On March 2 we had a birthday party in honor of Dr. Suess and went to see the new Lorax movie since it opened that night. So I themed our party around The Lorax which is also one of my favorite books growing up!

I made these for our little guests to each take one home for a favor. So simple, pipe cleaner wrapped with black ribbon and pom poms (found at Hobby Lobby as well as the flower plates below) glued on top. Print off the text and done! DSC_1199My version of Truffula Trees! They’re actually my dead basil plants that I hadn’t thrown out yet…first time I’m glad I can’t keep any plants alive! Spray painted them white, used a magic marker to draw the black lines on, glued on pompoms and shoved fake grass in the bottom. DSC_1200Truffula Tree Seeds (chocolate covered sunflower seeds) DSC_1203Humming-fish (They have singing gold fish in the movie) DSC_1214Truffula Fruit DSC_1215Truffula Berry Cakes (The Lorax LOVES Truffula Berry Pancakes so I was going to make pancakes and have a blueberry reduction syrup to top them but then I thought…hmmm, kids, blueberry syrup, my carpet. PASS!! So I made blueberry muffins instead.) DSC_1219Brown Bar-Ba-Loot Snacks (The Bar-ba-loots are these adorable little brown bears and the adore marshmellows) DSC_1220And you can’t have a Lorax party without The Lorax himself!!DSC_1212It was super fun and I had a great time planning it all. Plus the movie was so so cute and all the kids loved it!


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