Spring Centerpiece

I wanted to create a whimsical centerpiece for Spring and one that Brielle could help out with. I grabbed one of the wooden boxes Scott had made for me, lined it with plastic wrap and had Brielle start shoveling dirt in. She was a HUGE fan of that 😉 I purchased the carrots online here and stuck them in the dirt!

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Easter Egg Techniques

It’s been ages since I’ve dyed Easter Eggs and I might as well be honest. I have NO artistic talent. My 2.5 yr old can probably draw a better stick figure than I can so I’m not one of those people that can draw these beautiful designs on Easter Eggs. So, since I didn’t want people cooing over Brielle’s fine art work only to be embarrassed later when they find out those scribbles were done by me I cheated my way to pretty eggs. 😉 First up I grabbed a small bag and filled it halfway with rice. Dropped some blue food coloring in the bag and placed the egg in with it. Then you just shake it all and out comes the prettiest speckled egg!

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Easter Craft Night

It’s been a while since I hosted a craft night and with Easter coming up there are SO many cute crafts floating around it was definitely time. So I invited some of my favorite ladies, including my 2.5 daughter since we must start craftiness early, and threw a mini craft night!

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Non Candy Children’s Easter Basket

If your child is anything like mine they eat SO much sugar! I’ve noticed my 2.5 yr old has a lot more tantrums when she’s had a lot of sugar so we’ve been cutting down her intake of it quite drastically, if only to save our sanity! So this year to go along with our low sugar agenda we’re doing an Easter basket for her without any candy. I still want it to be enjoyable for her so I tried finding things that are new to her. Here’s a look into what we’re putting in her basket!

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